Our Mission



L.I.F.T. (Living Intelligently For Today) is a non-profit organization founded and operated by a group of music industry professionals.  We are concerned about the messages kids get from current music.  To counter those negative influences, we present recording artists who perform their hits live, in concert, right at the schools.  The message we bring is educational and inspirational.  This is evidenced by both their non-offensive music and their testimonials to living a drug-free, focused lifestyle.


The program is designed to educate youth with positive messages and discourage negative behavior including drug-abuse, violence, gang-affiliation, bullying and any other abuse which could harm or misdirect one’s path to success.  We know that kids look up to and idolize entertainers, so we provide artists that can be excellent role models to them.


We present our live concerts as a free assembly, bringing our self-contained shows to local schools.  This is most commonly performed in the auditorium or gymnasium.  The artists sing and dance, and give a brief testimonial to making intelligent choices for the individual.  They discuss personal focus and the importance of its role in the pursuit of success.  The artists are carefully screened to assure that the music is appropriate for young people, as well as their personal behavior.  The concerts include singers (national recording artists),  backing dancers and complete sound system and lighting.



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